Based out of Victoria BC, Yoga with Emily creates customized yoga experiences locally and globally.

Classes for Vinyasa, Meditation, Youth, Workplace

Events with Good Food, Good Music, Good Company

Retreats to Inspirate, Educate, Rest

Emily is a school teacher and lifelong student of yoga based out of Victoria, BC. She draws inspiration from the simplicity and playfulness in her young students and the beauty of island life. The island’s old-growth rain forests, cold water waves and long windy roads are her daily reminders to slow down and savour more.

Trained in vinyasa, Emily is a student of the Krishamacharya yoga lineage and shares teachings inspired by Indra Devi, Ellena Brower, Ryan Leier, Tina James, Laurie Piazza, Natalie Rousseau and Rameen Peyrow.

Emily’s teachings invoke a sense of spaciousness that allows for new possibilities in your life. Using the breath to slow down you will unwind the body, relieve tension and build strength. This practice develops a new awareness that enables you to re-energize the body, clear the mind and develop a steadiness and ease. Emily’s teachings are accessible to every ‘body’ at any age and can be customized for an individual or group’s specific intention.