In March 2016, Yoga with Emily travelled to the beaches of Barbados for the Follow the Sun Retreat. Co-hosted with inspirational author Janne Robinson, we sought the clarity and balance of Caribbean life.

Our main man Steve at Moon Raker Beach Hotel brought our ocean side yoga studio to life by day, and brought us live music at Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar by night.

We started each day with yoga. Emily taught us how to release tension from our bodies, focus our minds and create space for new possibilities. Janne had us face our fears in her writing workshops until we were ready to trust in our selves and our potential. Christian Boos and James Bradshaw of Boosy’s Surf School put our hard work to the test in the water and had everyone riding waves, throwing chakas into the sunset.

We feasted at Oistin’s fish fry, danced with the locals, explored the island, unplugged from the rest of the world and rested in our retreat from the grind. We left with a few more friends than we showed up with and a whole lot of inspiration. Sunshine for days!