Yoga is both a practice and a lifestyle. It is a method and a state of being that is unique to the individual. Because of the many styles of classes, teachers and philosophies yoga can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. The practice is designed to be sustained over a lifetime so there’s no rush. Less is more.

After many years of practice these guiding principles have allowed me to get the most out of my practice:

Trust the process. Less questioning will consume less thought. Trust the yoga, it’s been working for thousands of years. Show up, let go of doubts and receive the lesson you’re met with each time you practice. As Iyengar says “Practice and all is coming.”

Focus on one thing at a time. Start each practice with a beginners mindset and chose only one thing to focus on; a cue, a mindset, a devotion. Stick with it the whole class and it’s impact with have greater potency.

Create space. Schedule one less “to do” in your day so you can enjoy the space between all the others. Protect space before and after practice for contemplation, for stillness and for absorption.

So, whether you practice once a week, take part in a weekend conference or complete a 40 day sadhana challenge remind yourself to keep it simple. You may find there is even more to savour.