As a school teacher and yoga teacher in Victoria, BC Emily has been studying the body/mind connection and the art of teaching for over 10 years.

Of all the health practices she's tried in her life, yoga has given her the most physical, mental and emotional support. To share this support and her love of teaching , she creates weekly yoga classes and personalized yoga programs.

Whether slow flow, yin or yoga nidra, Emily's guidance can be described as clear yet effortlessly relaxed. Her teaching style is less about alignment and more about finding stillness and inner awareness. She is openly warm and has a way of making everyone in her presence feel a little more free.


Emily also hosts social events to support what she believes to be the most important aspect of health... social connectedness. Find her at her weekly classes, monthly women's circles and workshops or seasonal concerts. 


for ourselves & each other


within our bodies and minds 


from tension & anxiety

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